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We want to be come THE name in breakdown cover comparison websites. All of the big comparison websites aren't really that interested in comparing breakdown cover as they make most of their money from car insurance.

Our website was set up by someone who couldn't find a user friendly breakdown cover comparison website and this is the result. Please go to our breakdown cover comparison page and get comparing now.

We compare breakdown cover from the leading providers from big names

How much money can you save?

We compare breakdown cover from the leading providers from big names such as the AA, and RAC, to lesser known but trusted companies such as GemQDOS, and Start Rescue.

There is breakdown cover out there for everyone, including those with a bit of a green finger as you can now get car breakdown cover from The Green Insurance Company. Don't assume their prices aren't competitive because of their green edge, as you'd be wrong!

About the UK car breakdown industry

The UK car breakdown industry is made up of 3 key player; The AA, The RAC, and Green Flag. Between them they control over three quarters of the market. The remainder is made of a handful of smaller competitors, who thrive to offer a service on par with the big boys, mostly at a lower cost the customer.

Why you can save money by switching

Most car breakdown companies will include a section within their terms and conditions which allow them to automatically renew your policy each year. This is wholly legitimate and in line with most other industries that work on a subscription basis such as mobile phones, broadband, and car insurance.

Most (but not all) work on the basis that you're happy with the service, so they'll write to you and let you know what's happened, which takes the hassle out of renewing for you the customer. The renewal price is often their standard price, which is probably competitive against competitors standard prices but is often up to 50% more expensive than their online equivalent or that of their smaller competitors.

By default people just let the automation take over and they'll be covered for another year, but this means they miss out on the best car breakdown cover deals.

How much money you can save

The amount you can save over a year is substantial, so you can only imagine how much you could save by comparing and switching religiously year after year. Depending on which breakdown cover plan you are on, a quick look at a car breakdown comparison tables will show you that a saving of up to 50% can easily be achieved.

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"When I received your flyer through the door I had a look at your site. Normaly I would have to get my grandson to do things like this but you explain everything so well. I switched provider on my own at the age of 85. I wouldn't go out in my car without breakdown cover" Ethal, Northumberland.

"I'm a first time switcher, thanks for the free service!!!!" Jonny, Uttoxeter.

"I switch breakdown cover provider every 12 months but I normally rely on tv and magazine adverts to do my research, but not any more. I saved so much time by using your website. Thank you." Morag, Glasgow.

"I have just just switched provider having been with my last one for 4 years. The only reason I didn't switch earlier was because I didn't believe I could save a significant amount of money" Jane, Hull.

"Although I only saved about 50 over the year, I now have cover which better matches my needs! Thanks!." TK, Exeter.



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