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Car breakdown cover and driving guides

We are here to bring a new understanding to the world of breakdown cover. Our guides cover every aspect of the breakdown cover process, from buying the right cover, through to what you need to do in advent of a breakdown. We also look at several other aspects of motoring including how to prepare your car for summer and winter driving, and for a long road trip. Take a look at our guides;

> Car breakdown cover explained

> If you break down with a caravan

> How to choose the right breakdown cover

> European breakdown cover

> If you break down

> Long road trip guide

> Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

> Driving in the summer

> Driving in the winter

> Breakdown Cover Questions And Answers

Breakdown Cover Articles

> Is breakdown cover necessary?

> Start Rescue review

> Comparing car breakdown cover deals

> Tesco review

> IC breakdown review

> KwikFit breakdown review


Breakdown Info & Statistics

> Breakdown response time comparison

> Breakdown response fleet size

What our customers are saying about us

"When I received your flyer through the door I had a look at your site. Normaly I would have to get my grandson to do things like this but you explain everything so well. I switched provider on my own at the age of 85. I wouldn't go out in my car without breakdown cover" Ethal, Northumberland.

"I'm a first time switcher, thanks for the free service!!!!" Jonny, Uttoxeter.

"I switch breakdown cover provider every 12 months but I normally rely on tv and magazine adverts to do my research, but not any more. I saved so much time by using your website. Thank you." Morag, Glasgow.

"I have just just switched provider having been with my last one for 4 years. The only reason I didn't switch earlier was because I didn't believe I could save a significant amount of money" Jane, Hull.

"Although I only saved about 50 over the year, I now have cover which better matches my needs! Thanks!." TK, Exeter.



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