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Comparing car breakdown cover deals

If you’ve had car breakdown cover for more than 12 months, then you are probably paying more than you could be. Either by signing up for a new deal with the same provider (with the exactly the same level of cover), or by changing your plan or cover provider you can save a significant amount of money. The amount you can save is even more significant if you didn’t make your original purchase online as you can often achieve savings of over 40% when you make the same cover purchase online.

You could try comparing products yourself, by obtaining price and cover information direct from each provider. This is very time consuming and can easily take a full day to do by the time you look at all the available products, even if you are only considering a handful of breakdown cover providers.

If you visit a comparison website you can compare products in a matter of minutes, and with their unique filtering and sorting features you can easily narrow your product search down from the hundreds available, to a handful that fit your specific search criteria. Not only will this save you hours but it will make your search much easier and will ensure you get the best value deal for your needs.

Buying breakdown cover online is often a lot cheaper than buying either over the telephone or from a concession stall. You may be surprised that by making this purchase online you can save over 40%. This is a massive saving and if this wouldn’t be useful to you then your either stupid, or a banker. Often online comparison websites are able to access products which are unique to them and are not available directly from the product provider.

When you are searching for car breakdown cover there are a number of points that you should consider. Firstly you should consider how your cover will be used. If you have a car which multiple people drive you should consider taking out a policy for the car, then it doesn’t matter who is driving the car (as long as they are insured), in the event of a breakdown then cover is in place. If you drive multiple cars then you should consider taking cover for yourself so that if any of the cars you are driving breaks down, you are covered.

Next you should consider what type of journeys that you will be making. If you only make short journeys near to your home you may want to consider homestart as this will provide cover near to your home address. If you make a lot of long distance business journeys then you may want to consider adding either the “tow home” or “onward journey” options.

It is important to ensure that you have the right level of cover for your needs as the wrong level cover could leave you in a similar situation as no cover. For example if you breakdown on a long journey many miles from your home and your final destination and you only have basic roadside assistance, the provider will tow you to a local garage but you will still be stranded until the garage is able to make a repair to you car.


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