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IC breakdown review

IC Breakdown is part of the Insurance Choices group, selling not only car breakdown cover, but also car, home, motorbike, travel, commercial vehicle, boat, health, pet, wedding insurance, plus much more.

For ease of comparison their breakdown cover plans are titled by metal - in the same way that medals at the Olympic games are.

Copper; is the most basic plan and starts at £19 per year (at time of writing). If you breakdown the provider will attempt to repair your vehicle at the roadside. If they are unable to repair your vehicle they will tow you to a local garage. This includes assistance when towing a caravan or trailer. For most people this level over cover would be sufficient and at such a low price itís easily achievable even on the tightest of budgets.

Bronze; includes the Copper cover options, and in addition to this you also get a emergency travel/accommodation (read the terms and conditions for more information). This package also includes a messaging service where the breakdown provider will forward a message to someone in the UK to advise them that youíve broken down. You should buy this package when the silver is just a little to basic. The price (at the time of writing) was £29.

Silver; gives you the same as the Bronze cover but also provides you with a Home Start service. If your vehicle breaks down at or near your home they will attend to attempt a repair. The price (at the time of writing) was £49.

Gold; provides you with the same level of cover as Silver, but will also get you a key service (for when you lose your keys or lock them in the car), and also European cover. The price (at the time of writing) was £69. If you compare any breakdown cover at this level you will see that the price point is very competitive, particularly with the larger breakdown cover providers.

All of the cover options include their caravan/trailer service. Some of the better packages are not available for older vehicles so itís best to check out their website for full details. 

IC Breakdown offer a similar service to that of the big providers such as the AA, RAC, and Green Flag, except they are offering it at a lower price. Donít be fooled into thinking they are not up to the job just because you havenít heard of them, or because their prices appear to be significantly better value than their competitors.

ICE Breakdown has been around for quite some time and have thrived on offering significantly competitive prices without reneging on the level or quality of their service.


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