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Is breakdown cover really necessary?

In short, yes it is. Breaking down in your car isnít something that you really consider until it actually happens. I have broken down on multiple occasions including one family trip to a theme park which would have been ruined if I didnít have my breakdown cover.

At the time of writing this, breakdown cover is available from as little as £19 per year, not a very high price for peace of mind. If you compare this with other costs associated with motoring it looks even better. With petrol prices as they are, you can easily spend over £40 to fill up the smallest of cars, and the average price of road tax is well over £100 per year. Value for money I hear you asking yourself? I think so!

How often you use your car or the vulnerability of the driver may dictate the amount you are prepared to pay for breakdown cover and the cheapest deal may not always be the best.

We recommend that you compare breakdown cover plans before you purchase. Always buy your policy online as there are often significant savings to be achieved by doing so (often over 30%) compared with buying over the telephone or from a salesperson.


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