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Start Rescue review

Startrescue offer quality and affordable car breakdown cover in the UK. For ease of use they rank their products using a star system where by 1 star is the most basic breakdown cover, and 5 stars is the most comprehensive.

What each package providers, this is a guide only, please check their terms and conditions for full details.

1 Star Package: will provide you with roadside assistance and recovery for up to 10 miles. They will attend to you at the roadside and attempt to repair your vehicle, and if they are unable to repair it they will tow you up to a maximum of 10 miles to a garage where you can have your car repaired.

2 Star Package: will provide you with the same as you will get from the 1 star package, plus you will get the nationwide recovery option. This will allow your vehicle to be recovered along with up to 6 passengers. The vehicle will be taken to a garage for repair, your home, or your original destination, which ever is the nearest.

3 Star Package: will provide you with the same cover that you get from package 2 plus you will also get home recovery. If you car breaks down at or within 1 mile of your home then it will be covered by the policy.

4 Star Package: will provide you with the same level of cover as the 2 star package plus you will have the European option. This provides assistance while you are travelling in Europe Ė ensure you read the terms and conditions.

5 Star Package: will provide you with the same cover as the 4 star package but you will also get the home recovery and theft, vandalism, and illness cover. This is the most comprehensive breakdown cover deal that Start Rescue have on offer.

In addition to the above, all of the Start Rescue plans come with the following options: Accident Recovery, Alternative Transport, Overnight Accommodation, Key Assist, and Message Assist. Once more we suggest checking the T&Cís.

As standard Startrescue advertise that they donít charge any policy extras such as expensive policy excesses, and they also provide a user friendly policy which is easy to understand.

Start Rescue are backed up by Call Assist Ltd, who have been providing breakdown services on behalf of many other UK companies for more than 12 years. The service is provided through the use of a network of over 1,100 approved recovery agents in the UK plus additional providers in over 45 countries. The insurance policy is underwritten by Groupama Insurances. Both Groupama and Call Assist are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom.


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