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Tesco review

Tesco car breakdown cover is sold by Tesco bank as one of their insurance products, and the breakdown cover service is provided by the UKís second biggest breakdown provider; the RAC. When two of the biggest names in British business get together you can expect their offering to be both great in value and service. It may be worth pointing out that Tesco breakdown cover was previously provided by Green Flag (some of the Tesco customers still fall into this category).

Tesco offer three levels of car breakdown cover;

Value Ė This is basic roadside assistance, and you will also be towed to a garage within 10 miles of your breakdown if the repair canít be made at the roadside.

Standard Ė In addition to the value package you also get cover if you breakdown at or near to your home (which isnít available with the value package).

Finest Ė This is Tescoís top package. You will get all of the above plus recovery (where your car will be taken either to your home or your final destination), and onward travel (where car hire or alternative travel arrangements will be provided which may include overnight accommodation).

As ever read the Tesco T&Cís for all the details.


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