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How to choose the right breakdown cover 

Even with the best car breakdown comparison tools in the world, it helps if you have even a basic understanding of car breakdown companies, their plans, and how they work before choosing the best deal. Below are a few key things to consider when choosing a car breakdown cover provider.

Choosing the right breakdown cover provider

There are several providers of car breakdown cover in the United Kingdom. The main difference is their size and type of cover; 'standard cover' or 'pay and claim cover' (see our car breakdown cover explained guide for a full explanation of this). 

Choosing the right breakdown cover options

You need to decide which cover options are best for you. There's no point in paying for cover that you do not need, but at the same time you don't want to be under covered. You need to look specifically at the following areas;

For a full explanation of these types of cover check out our car breakdown cover explained guide, or for a more detailed explanation of European cover read our European car breakdown cover guide.

Our really useful comparison pages organise cover by type, or you can view all products and filter/sort the products as per your requirements. Visit our car breakdown cover comparison pages now to find the best, and most suitable deal for you.

Another important cover option decision that needs to be made is whether to opt for covering one vehicle, or covering yourself. It is cheaper to cover one vehicle, and anyone insured to drive that vehicle will be covered. If you have access to several cars, it would be more beneficial to cover yourself.

Consider their response time

Although this may not seem so important at this stage, when you're waiting for your provider to turn up at the roadside when your car has broken down it suddenly will be. Remember this is an average time, so there's no guarantee, over the millions of calls these providers attend during the course of a year, it's a good indication as to how long you'll have to wait.

To see the average response time for each car breakdown provider, visit their page in our recovery provider section.

Consider the price

A common misconception is that price is the most important factor when people are using online comparison sites, the simple truth is - it isn't. People don't just opt for the cheapest deal, they first find the deals that are most suited to their needs, then they look at the price. If you could get the same breakdown plan for 6 per month as what you could for 10 per month, you would go for the better value option every time. Visit our comparison pages to compare the latest car breakdown deals and get the best value for money.

Reviews - peoples opinions and provider reputation

Ask around, at least half of the country have breakdown cover so the likelihood is you will know someone who is covered. Get their opinion on their provider. Read our car breakdown cover provider review pages and read what other people think before you sign up.


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