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European breakdown cover - Is it worth the extra cost?

If you're considering the costs involved with taking out European car breakdown cover, you first must ask the question "do I need it". If you're not traveling to Europe by car then the answers is no. Even if you are considering it but aren't quite sure, you could always change your level of cover to include European break downs at a later date.

If European breakdown cover is a must then you should also consider it against other options, for example car hire. The only real alternative is car hire which is significantly more expensive and is only advisable if the other benefits are of interest (for example; reasonably new reliable car).

There are cheap options available to you if you want to take out European car breakdown cover. Besides the all year cover, most providers will allow you to take European cover and pay a daily or weekly rate. Although if you will be in Europe a lot it would be cheaper in the long run to take out a European package.

How does European car breakdown cover work?

European car breakdown cover works more or less as it does in the UK. Cover providers from the UK obviously do not have their own fleets which span the length and breadth of Europe so they will rely on the services of partnering organisations. Your breakdown provider will give you the relevant telephone numbers to call while in Europe, should you need their services. The call centre's will employ English speaking staff so don't worry about speaking the local lingo.

At extra cost to your policy you can get added extra's, as you can in the UK such as onward travel. 

How do I find the best value deal?

When trying to get the best value deal to cover your car throughout Europe we recommend making a list of features that you need to have included, do this before you start looking. Don't end up paying over  the odds for features you don't need or want, there's a lot of competition in the market place, you just need to find the plan that matches your needs.

Next work out if it's going to be cheaper for you to add short term cover to an existing plan (or indeed a new plan) or plump for the annual cover. Please also bear in mind that there is maximum number of days of European cover included the these plans, it's generally around 100 which is good enough for most peoples needs but pointless if your spending a year traveling in your car.

If you have (or are planning to) a more expensive UK policy, it may well already cover you for limited travel in Europe, so you can have your cake and eat it.

Once you know what you want, shop around for the best, and most suitable plan for yourself. Why not read our provider reviews or compare the latest car breakdown plans.


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