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Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

As most breakdown plans cover the use of domestic vehicles, you can use a standard breakdown plan. As with a car, you'll need to decide if you want to cover yourself as the rider, or your bike. Unlike cars, most people don't share the the use of motorbikes so the likelihood is that you would want to cover yourself. This also means you are covered if you are driving someone else's car or bike.

Do I get a different level of cover?

No, not really. You still get the same level service and don't get any discount for having a small vehicle. If you do breakdown and call for help it might be worth telling the call centre staff that you are on a bike, that way they and try to send a vehicle which transport your bike to safety if it cannot be fixed at the roadside.

How do I find the right level of motorcycle cover?

Take a look at our breakdown cover comparison pages, and read through our provider reviews. Once you've found a suitable deal buy it online, it's often cheaper than doing it over the phone.


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